Fergie plastic surgery: she is so hotter


Fergie plastic surgery was said to be successful. Looking at Fergie plastic surgery before and after photos you can realize that she become more attractive.

Fergie plastic surgery gets her really good body. Although Fergie denied ever having any of these rumored surgeries, many have speculated that the singer has had gone under the knife to own current perfect body and pretty face. Many celebrity plastic surgery before and after pictures show significant changes and on her case, it’s on her face.

Fergie plastic surgery: she is so hotter
Fergie plastic surgery: she is so hotter

Fergie plastic surgery rumors

Fergie, real name Stacy Ann Ferguson, shot to fame as part of the Black Eyed Peas and now is a successful solo artist in her own right. She has married sexy actor Josh Duhamel and became mother, as they got son last year. All along, Fergie remained looking fit and sexy, always showing of her perfect body in tight, form-fitting outfits. Her sexy look was one of the most important reason leading to Fergie plastic surgery gossips.

fergie plastic surgery after

Fergie plastic surgery before and after

Fergie plastic surgery before and after

It only takes a closer look to find out if she is having plastic surgery. Fergie’s face has suddenly become rounder, shinier and smoother with significant changes noticed on the nose, and cleavages also .Her nose looks thinner and more defined in her before and after pictures. When she was younger her bridge was thicker and the tip was little round too, now it seem more defined and slim. In these pictures look she has had an osteotomy, which has done during almost every Rhinoplasty. This Fergie plastic surgery results her thick bridge into a narrow bridge.If you look at her cheekbone, you will see that they get higher and tighter. Unlike her younger photos where her cheek look puffy. Fergie plastic surgery makes her cheeks balanced which are more compatible with her face frame and she is feeling more confidence in herself .Her forehead also shows shiny outlook that would be an indication of facelift. Additionally, her lips appear to be fuller like Angelina Jolie’s, whose lips have so often been subject of plastic surgery rumor. To keep her face glowing and younger and to make her skin tighter forever, she might get Botox Injections and face fillers to fill the saggy points of her face. However, it’s fair to note that a combination of lighting and make-up could cause anyone’s face to appear differently. Yet, by the sheer number of photos that have Fergie looking a little less like herself, it can be unfortunately assumed that she has got plastic surgery.

Fergie plastic surgery Breast Implants

About her breasts, she has a perfect round and well projected boobs. Her Breasts look huge. Have a look on her Boob Job Photos, an unusual projection. Even pregnancy and breastfeeding didn’t change perfect look of her boobs. Maybe she decided to enlarge them because she lost weight due to dieting-and this usually show negatively on female boobs as well. In order to restore beautiful cleavage again, she went for classic Hollywood procedure: breast augmentation, in which she gain two cup sizes and her breasts look amazingly good now. Fergie plastic surgery on her breasts is too successful.

Fergie Talks Plastic Surgery

fergie plastic surgery secret

Many people believe Fergie could have spent up to 30,000$ on her body enhancement services. Fergie has quashed rumours of spending big bucks on plastic surgery in an interview with Cosmopolitan:“I read that I’d spent about $30,000 or something,” Fergie said. “It’s just ridiculous…We had a laugh about it. So many rumours have been spread over the years and you have to learn, especially in this business, to just laugh it off. If you stress about it, you’ll drive yourself crazy.”
The Black Eyed Peas front woman also gave some secret tips on how she does stay looking hot. She looks perfect thanks to regular and demanding workout routine as well as healthy diet. “I’m not the most disciplined dieter. I try to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables but sometimes late at night I tend to have fast-food meals – and that’s where I get myself into trouble,” Fergie confessed.

Are Fergie plastic surgery rumors true or false? Fergie plastic surgery is still a subject of public debate but now it is not important. We are not undineable that she looks more and more beautiful than before. She is satisfied with her looks and get more contracts.