Lana Del Rey plastic surgery before and after


Since the first month of last year, Lana Del Rey’s Born To Die has gained huge achievement. A huge number of videos, as well as remixes of tracks by Lana Del Rey have been released. Her latest song ‘Summertime Sadness’ has just been showed.

Maybe if you understood the lyrics maybe you wouldn’t feel that way, always sadness like the song. She is singing as if she was the other girl in the video who is in a red dress, so she is singing in ‘ the third person narrative ‘. Her lyrics are more complicated than most people thought : Lana is her guardian angel, the girl committed suicide, and the both remembers the time that spend together. Both are sad, Lana couldn’t make her choose life, and the girl is disappointing Lana. At the end the girl becomes an angel.

Lana Del Rey belongs to New York. She is a famous singer and liked by majority of people because of her melodious songs and personality. Lana Del Rey plastic surgery has grabbed the attention of people to her sexy lips. Lana Del Rey’s lips have visible changes and it is assumed that these changes are the direct result of fillers. It is rumored that Lana Del Rey had undergone for lip surgery.

Lana Del Rey denied all about her plastic surgery. She also said that she had a difficult time in her past days with a little money. Thus, she couldn’t afford to have plastic surgery. We can easily find Lana Del Rey have much change through time. It may be the result of a mature gỉrl but it’s clearly that Lana Del Rey had  plastic surgery and Botox injections.

For celebrities, having plastic surgery is normal thing. Comparing Lana Del’s past and present images, I’m sure that you have own decision about her rumors of plastic surgery. It may have some dermal filler used. And she may have her lips done. However, some people thought that Lana Del Rey plastic surgery rumors are untrue and she is 100% natural. They reveals that her fuller lips are due to the use of lipstick and gloss.

It is the trend in European countries to get the lips augmentation. It is widely used for prominent and sexual appearance. Though there are some actresses that are born with sexy large lips and majority of them have injected fillers or lips augmentation. One more difference is being spotted out in her nose shape. It is more narrow and well defined as compared to her old pictures.

However, rumors of Lana Del Ray’s plastic surgery can be untrue, which only she knows. It won’t be so surprising thing because celebrities always try to keep their attractive looks in public’s eyes.