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10 Celebrities Who Had Kids Too Young

10 Celebrities Who Had Kids Too Young

Not everyone waits until they’re adults to start extending their family. Some people have children while they’re still children themselves, and celebrities are no exception. Whether they had children before their rise to stardom, or whether it put a halt to their celebrity career, these ten stars became parents when… Read more »

The Creepiest Celebrity Stalker Stories

You might think life as a celebrity is really easy. What is so hard on being famous? Everyone knows who you are, there is no problem getting cash and you get to do what you love. No one could really argue that it doesn’t sound like a great life. However,… Read more »

10 Celebrity Instagram Photoshop Scandals

Each and every day thousands of pictures are uploaded to social media. People have a subconscious need to share their moments, food and even pictures of themselves with others. Yes, the infamous photo we all know and are probably guilty of capturing, the selfie. Instagram has been helping to grow… Read more »